The Band and Dancers

Krister Larsson, Vocal,guitar,mandolin,cittern bodhran. Born and raised in Olofström, He has studied music at Fridhems Folkhøjskole and Malmö Musikhögskola. The interest in Irish music, swing and oldtime came quite late in life,at first it was symphonic rock, pop and jazz. The earlier bands Krister played in are Rivjärnet,The Tullamore Lads,The Local Eedjits and Molly på Rymmen.


Pär"Pat"Hyberg Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar and vocals. Born in Gotland, he came to Lund as a teenager.Pat lives in Ask, Röstånga. He also plays Bluegrass and Swedish Folk music.An unprecedented interest in old acoustic instruments pursues Pat,he has the house full of banjos, mandolins, violins, guitars, accordeon and often wondering how the family will fit in? If you miss an instrument then call Pat.

 Krister Wrambjer Percussion,bass and Vocals, From Tyringe. Krister is an session musician and has played most of his life with many of Sweden's really big artists. But it started with jazz at Skurup Folkhögskola 1986. Continued under his own name to the Spaish sun. Krister came on to Irish Music during the 1990´s playing with Rivjärnet and The Tullamore Lads.

Paddy Lawless  Fiddle, vocals. Paddy is born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and was a session musician there before the love to a Swedish girl brought him over to Sweden. Now living in Höör. Paddy plays a lot in Denmark, i.e. The Trad Lads and sessions in Sweden.

 Petra Kvist Fiddle,vocals, Petra plays with us irregularly.

 Green Steps With hard shoes perform Green Stage's impressive rhythm sequences, in soft shoes they raise themselves high above the stage floor, in graceful graceful jumps to the traditional Irish rhythms: jig, real, hornpipe and slipjig. The arms of the arms are held close to the body, the energies of the swinging music triggers magic and you are fully drawn into this Irish stance, whether you want or not. Green Steps combines the visual with the musical. The band's fast play along with steps and rhythms impresses and is a delight for both eyes and ears.

Dancers complete the experience of our performance. We work at this very moment with dance-company

Green Steps from Copenhagen and Saoirse from Stockholm.

 Recent Shows:


Shows 2019:

Jan 26 Tivolihuset Höganäs, Danceshow with Saoirse from Stockholm

March 15-17 St Patrick Tour Dala-Järna Hotell, Dalarna

Shows 2018:

 Feb 8 Café Amanda Höganäs

 March 17 Surbrunnsparken Ystad

June 15 Kv Kvarnen Höganäs

August 24-25 Fagans Malmö

September 22 Folkets Hus Olofström

September 28 Folkets Hus Perstorp

Oktober 26-27 Dala-Järna Hotell Dalarna

November 3 Kv Kvarnen Höganäs

Shows 2017:

Jan 11  Fox n´Anchor Karlskrona,

March 16 Charles Dickens Helsingborg

March 17 Kulturhuset Björnen,Åstorp,

May 22  NORREHUS, Klippan

July 14 ,Åparken Tyringe 25 års Jubileum,

August 6 Tjärö Bräknehoby,

August 21 Folkets Park Kävlinge,

August 21 Malmöfestivalen Malmö,

October 6 Hotell Aniara Olofström,

December 8 Ångbåtsbron Malmö.

Shows 2016:

December 16 Norrehus Klippan,

October 12 Blå Båten,Malmö,

September 13  Folkets Park, Kävlinge,

September 12 The Fox&Anchor Karlskrona,

August 15 Holy Smoke,Höganäs,

August 9 Strandcafeet´Sandviken,Sölvesborg,

August 7 Äsphults Kyrka Tollarp,

August 6Charles Dickens HX festivalen Helsingborg,

August 2  Kulturkrogen Lund,

July 29 Hembygdsparken Ängelholm (med Sten&Stanley),

July 16 Åparken Tyringe (Med Danne Stråhed),

July 2 Gudmuntorps Kyrka Höör,

June 6 Irländsk Festival Jakriborg,

March 17Norrehus Klippan,

March 16 Charles Dickens Helsingborg,

January 8 Borgen Osby,

Shows 2015: 

Bosjökloster Kyrkan,

Rockbåten Helsingborg,

Kulturkrogen Lund,

Irländsk Festival Jakriborg Hjärup,

Marieholm Ö Karaby Kyrka,

Café 21 Tyringe,

Puben i Huaröd

Shows 2014:

Hörby Kulturkalas,

Malmö Folkets Park,

Hässleholms Kulturhus,

Puben i Huaröd,

Old Bull Lund,

Shows 2013:

Old Bull, Lund

The Tivoli, Helsingborg


Irish Music & Dance

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